Back in the 305!

| by Nick Field

WOAH, Did I ever tell you how I love South Beach, Miami :)

How could you not? Especially after that workout on the beach and that delicious and#addictive Cuban Coffee I’m sipping on.#AWAKE!

There is a reason why World Crawl operates in here Miami Beach, Las Vegas, San Diego andWhistler. We absolutely love the different vibes in those cities. The climate, the people, the style and off course industry in those particular location.
Ive been bouncing in between these places for the past few years and I’m really excited to be back in the sunshine state for the beginning of the high season. South Beach is so exotic.

The ocean is beautiful and warm, year round, the breeze is salty and inviting, it is easy to find a “mojito happy hour” starting at 11am somewhere on Ocean Drive and the tacos are cheap (when you know where to go). There are sexy people of all kinds, everywhere and the beach fashion excuses us from wearing the smallest Brazilian bikini, I LOVE IT. My good friend Abby saw Ellie Goulding and a Victoria Secret model at the gym this week, lets talk #MOTIVATION on the start of 2015. Even my french Canadian accent sounds a extra exotic here. It is always funny to get someone tell me “you sound a little German or Lithuanian”. LOL!

I will be 30 this year, yay! I would think that I am getting tired of “crawling around”. Ive been crawling since 2009, full time and dividing my time with different departments in the company too. My feet have permanent scars from previous crawls in bad shoes. I’ve been abusing weird nicknames on my name tags and my liver wants to check out from my body every once in a while ;) But hey, what can I say, I LOVE TO PARTY!!!

I was on the World Crawl Miami last night, when off duty, I love to be a participant. After a shot of Fireball with our resident manager Marc, I went straight to the “social butterfly status.”

People ask me all the time, “ Would I look weird or awkward to come on the crawl by myself?” The answer is NO! I love being solo on the tour, I can bounce from group to group. Last night we had the classic stag party with 20 guys from all over the country, we had some of the cutest and reserved (not for too long) couples, we had the typical “wild birthday girl” party of 10, the 3 chix absolutely loving the pole dancing at the second venue @AutomaticSlim. We even got the “family affair”; That group of 10 all related somehow. I love to see some fresh 21 year olds on the tour and some party veterans asking me when will be having a dance off or a limbo tournament!!!

The Club Crawl is the best and social experience. We start “slow”. Our first venue @Lostweekend, is a pretty chilling bar where we can play some pool, pick our songs from the juke box, go upstairs for a few rounds of FLIP CUP <3, I saw some shots of Jaeger for $2, etc. As we start moving as a group, the energy picks up. By the second location, I had the time to mingle with almost everyone. Hey, some people needs more time, all good, I was just really stoked on life last night :)

Advices from a expert crawler :D I love calling myself of a professional partier. I mean, I am!

Drink up

The crawl is designed so we all pre-game together. We normally try to hit 4-3 venues and the first few are ment to save you a little bit of money on your alcohol intake. I mean you do NOT have to consume to have fun on the tour (I’ve been crawling sober several times and it’s always been entertaining). But if you feel like getting your “buzz on”, do it when we offer some of the the drink specials. We get a welcome drink ticket at the 2 first venues (good for a well drink or draft beer). Normally we try to hit 2 bars/lounges and 2 nightclubs and the price difference is huge as the night goes on. The values in the crawl are all in the specials and off course the fact that we skip all cover-charges and have a line priority…. Last night we had some buy one get one for free option, $5 cocktails, buckets at $14 etc… If you never been to South beach, you can expect to pay $23 for a Vodka soda and $17 for a bottle of Heineken at a club like, Mansion, Cameo, Story and Nikki Beach. Now you know! But hey, stay cool. Do not “over do it”, stay pleasant for the other crawlers and if you are too intoxicated to get in one of the venues, our crew won’t argue with the doorman to let you in. You would have to sober up a little. Also, STAY POLITE, my advice ;)

Dress Code

Ladies it is not the right night to wear your brand new heels. NOT! Get the most #comfortable and broken one you own. As a lazy one, I always start the night with my flats or rolled up and then I switch for the clubs for my wedges. The clubs here required us to wear a dress shoe but it dosent have to be your 6 inch pumps. As long as you have a strap, sandals with a small heel, you should be good to go. I love my wedges for the crawl. I mean everything is easily walking distance but we start at 8:30pm and normally party till… You tell me!

Guys, dress to impress please: NO BOOTS, NO TIMBERLANDS, NO RUNNING SHOES, NO NIKE NO JORDAN. NO CASUAL SHIRTS. NO T SHIRTS WITH BIG LOGOS. Nice v-necks, dress shirt, plain polos can be fine, I know it is hot but Collar or button up shirt are preferred. Do not forget: You’re in Miami B*%!$

Stay with the Group: You need to walk in with the group to get all the benefits of the crawl (No line, no Cover, drink tickets etc…). Once you get in, you are free to do whatever you want. At the last venues, you are welcome to stay until the club closes. Yay! In South Beach, there is no RE-Entry. So be aware, if you leave a club, you might not be able to get in back again, even with your Club Crawl wristbands. Check with the door, first!

WCM stripper CrawlerI.D

You need a valid government issue I.D to get in every venues of the crawl. If you are a international traveller, you might need your passport.

Liv is back finally :) Due to the slower season, we didn’t go to Liv night club since last september 2014. We are going this Wednesday and I just can’t wait!!!! Look up our schedule: double check the starting location and time of the crawl on the night of since the line up is subject to change).

Photos: We put our pictures from the night on our Facebook page : (LIKE US BTW) :)
You might need to help remembering what happened last night. Remember, what happened on the crawl, stays on Facebook!!!

Voilà! Feel free to reach out to me on the Live Chat if you have any questions :) When I’m on the road, Dave, our Inside sale rep will help you out! Je parles le français aussi si ça peut vous aidez, je viens de Montreal, Tétreaultville- Anjou baby! … Hablo a pequito espagnol, well not really but some of our team members do !!!

On that #PARTYON guys and I just can’t wait to crawl with you all!!! XOX Evelyne

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